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  About Me  

Hello, I am Jennifer West, the founder of On Point – A Virtual Assistant Service.

I started my career in local government, where I provided administrative and secretarial services for first and second tier managers.

A typical day, week and month in the office would see me being the first point of contact, acting as a buffer and screening calls before putting them through to my manager. On top of that I would schedule meetings; provide a typing service which included audio transcriptions; take minutes at departmental heads’ meetings; arrange papers for meetings; answer telephone enquiries; process invoices and many other PA tasks.

Later in my career I worked for a trade union where I first worked in an in-house legal department.  Again, I provided a typing service to solicitors, scheduled their meetings and arranged travel and book hotel reservations. Other duties attached to this role included paginating court documents; writing instructions to barristers; responding to correspondence and handling complaints from members. 

Whilst working for the trade union, I came to a point in my life, where I wanted a change in my career and more challenges. This led me to seeking higher education where I attained a degree and a MSc degree in Politics.

I also have experience in budget monitoring, budget planning and budget management – ensuring that there was no overspend in the annual budget and that expenses and other expenditure were accurately coded.

 Other tasks included writing newsletters for occupational groups.  The newsletters I wrote would contain information of campaigns that I assisted, upcoming seminars that I would project manage and the results of surveys that I conducted, for example the roles of registered nurses and nursing assistants.  The preparatory work for the surveys, involved a fair amount of research and report writing which gave me the perfect skills for my virtual assistance service.



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See my full range of pay-per-hour services and see how I can help your business. Whether it's campaign research, budget management or data entry, I can help your business by picking up the time consuming tasks, leaving you to focus on the big ideas that will grow your company.

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  I'll Help You Find Your Work Life Balance

I have two grown children, who between them, have blessed me with 4 lovely grandchildren. Back in the day, it was difficult balancing family life with work life.  A work life balance just didn’t exist.  Even in today’s world, this is no different for business people.

If you work with me, I will be able to relieve your stress and enable you to find the right work life balance.  Think about it, you will no longer have to juggle your everlasting ‘to do list’ with your core operational business. You will also be able to reduce your staffing bills by not employing permanent staff. Instead you will be using my services at the time that’s suitable to you. You’ll also never need worry about your information - your data will also always be safe and secure at all times.

I launched my VA business in 2019 to small-medium business people. I am passionate about supporting people and helping their business to grow. Please get in touch to hear how my virtual assistant service will be able to help you.





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